2022 QICA VIC of the Year Awards

Welcome to the 2022 VIC of the Year awards where we celebrate achievements across the network in the past year, a time that has truly tested our operations and future. We look forward to celebrating your achievements!

Tourism Noosa is super excited to welcome representatives from the Queensland VIC network to Noosa for this fantastic annual conference.
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2022 Categories – by VIC mode of operation


Important Dates


All Entrants must answer all questions.

Winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner at Noosa Waterfront Restaurant on Thursday 6th October 2022.


Judges Decision

• The awards will be presented at the discretion of the judging panel, based on the submissions received.
• Entrants will receive written feedback and the marks awarded following the Awards Presentation.
• The judging panel decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
• The judge's overall decision is based on an allocation of points from the online submission.
• All Entrants are required to answer the generic questions for all categories first then elaborate on their area of excellence, their wow factor, their reason to win. Finalists will be selected from the assessment of the submissions by the judges and based on the applicant meeting the rules of entry.
• To ensure consistency and fairness in judging, the entry rules must be strictly met.

Rules of Entry

• The 2022 VIC of the Year Awards qualifying period is 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.
• All tourism initiatives, developments and projects must be started, if not completed, during the qualifying period.
• Submissions should include details of upgrades to existing tourism facilities.
• The Award winners may utilise the official Award logo, as long as the year the award was won is clearly stated on any advertising, marketing and/or promotions.
• The official award logo to be used may not be altered in any way and will be provided by QICA.
• All entrants must be a Visitor Centre operating in Queensland and current financial members of QICA.
• Submissions can be emailed to qldvic@gmail.com


Submissions must be formatted as follows:

• Your completed submission must be a maximum of 20 single-sided pages in total, submitted via email or QICA link. Please note that a cover page and contents page are required but are not included in the page allocation.
• The font to be used within the completed submission needs to be Arial or Times New Roman and be 12 point in size. Please note that no variations such as narrow or condensed font styles are acceptable.
• The format of all text should be 1.5 line spacing (Microsoft Word) with the following exceptions;
• The text contained within a multi-column table may be single-line spaced as long as tables do not represent more than 8 pages of the total submission.
• Question text and captions may be single-line spaced.
• Page margins are to be set at 1.5cm for the top and bottom of each page and 2cm for the left and right margins of the page.
• All pages of the completed submission, commencing at section one (1) must be numbered.
• Within the layout of the completed submission, please state the question first then your answer.

The Prize

Provided by QICA: Complimentary Conference Registration for 2023 and a framed certificate.


• Share a story for the QICA Newsletter about their win
• The winning Visitor Centres should display the award certificate in a prominent position.
• The winning centres are also encouraged to utilise the QICA logo on all stationery, signature box and for marketing and promotional purposes.

What to Submit

• Entrants of the Awards will be required to submit their application to qldvic@gmail.com
• A selection of up to 10 Images of your centre, staff, volunteers. Please note the Word Count is maximum of 12,500 words in length. Words within a table are included in the submission word count.
Please note that the photos will not be awarded points. It is used as verification and a supporting tool for the contents and statements made within your written submission. The photos may be used on a slide show presentation at the awards function.
• For the VIC Volunteer Award, VIC managers are requested to provide name, years of service, photograph and short paragraph on the volunteer to the VIC of the Year coordinator – carolineo@trc.qld.gov.au

Recognition of Volunteer Services

Presentation of VIC Volunteer 20 + Years Service Certificates

As part of the conference program, VIC managers are to provide the names, years of service, photograph and a short paragraph on each volunteer who has contributed more than 20 years’ service to visitor centres in Queensland.
These volunteers will be acknowledged at the View Restaurant at Peppers Resort N Villas. The date for this is Wednesday 5th October 2022.  A commemorative certificate will be presented to the volunteer or manager where applicable.

Important Dates

Closing Date: Friday 10 September 2022
Winners Announced: Dinner at View Restaurant at Peppers Resort n Villas. Wednesday 5th October 2022.

Questions for all categories

All entrants are required to complete these questions

1. VIC Overview

a. Provide a brief overview of the nature and history of the business, set up, staffing.
b. What tourism products, experiences and services does your centre offer?
c. Demonstrate your involvement in the tourism industry and describe the services you offer tourism industry stakeholders/ partners.

2. Business Planning

a. Provide an overview of the key features of your business plan including goals, strategies and outcomes with a specific focus on your visitor centre.
b. Describe any innovations that have taken place during the qualifying period to improve your experience/product/service and demonstrate how these innovations enhance the experience for visitors to your destination.
c. Describe your investment in staff training and how this has improved the services provided to your visitors

3. Marketing

a. What are your destinations unique selling points and demonstrate how you communicate these through marketing in your centre and to your visitors?
b. Describe marketing strategies you have implemented to encourage new and or repeat visitation and demonstrate the success of these initiatives.
c. How do you know your destinations products/services/experiences meets the needs of your target audience?
4. Customer Service
a. Describe your VIC’s customer service philosophy and values.
b. Explain how your centre measures customer satisfaction and how it identifies any areas for improvement
c. What processes do you have in place to respond to customer complaints?
d. How does your centre provide for visitors with specific needs?


If you have any questions, please contact the QICA Secretary Matthew Winn and Marinella Ghion: matthew.winn@cityparlands.com.au and mghion@brisbane-eda.com.au


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