Mission Statement

"To professionally facilitate the development of the Tourist and Visitor Information Centres in Queensland, so that the tourism industry benefits as the direct result of increased services to visitors in each local and regional area throughout Queensland".

What is QICA?

The Queensland Information Centres Association is a young and progressive organisation keen to establish a strong network through Visitor Information Centres in Queensland.With the introduction of the Tourism & Events Queensland Signage Policy, QICA has an important role to play in the encouragement and support of VIC’s with information and assistance on issues specific to information centres.QICA is actively seeking to work within the existing tourism structure in Queensland and looks forward to working with tourism organisations and associations at all levels to achieve its objectives.Visitor Information Centres have an important role to play within the tourism industry and QICA is delighted to be involved in this industry and look forward to an exciting future.

Who is QICA?

QICA is a membership based organisation consisting of Information Centres through out Queensland. The QICA Management Committee is a group of volunteers consisting of current member Information Centre management staff. These volunteers make a commitment to members to source & provide projects relative to the Information Centre environment with the goal of achieving QICA objectives.