The QICA Quolls have been extremely busy the last few months as they adventure over Queensland thanks to some amazing hosts. Late last year, Quentin and Queenie were pleased to announce the safe arrival of their twins Quade and Quanita to their quoll family in Kuranda.

quolls collage 1Since the arrival of the two bundles of joy, the family has been able to check out some family friend spots and get some great snapshots along the way. Quade and Quanita have been learning so much along the way and hope to one day be as full of knowledge as both their parents.

The quoll family have visited the region of Fernvale, Esk, Beaudesert, and Stanthorpe while they are packing their bags again to head off to the next destination on the list. None of this could be possibly without the support of the incredibly busy hosts that take the family in whilst stopping over in their region. Thankyou!

Thanks Kuranda VIC for helping with the safe arrival of the twins, ensuring the ambulance was able to get there in time! Quentin was there every step of the way, like any nervous father is.

After the safe arrival of the twins and a little rest, it was time for the family to have their first adventure around Kuranda. Parenting didn’t come naturally to Quentin and Queenie straight away, however it is thought that they have learnt their lesson now (don’t leave your young in a crocodiles mouth).

Quolls decided to do something completely different and head to the area of Somerset and attend a famil with the volunteers of the VICs, and even became somewhat celebrities whilst in the area. A visit to the SEQ Wivenhoe VIC let the quolls be fascinated by the fossils on display. What a learning opportunity for the youth of the quolls! While at the VIC checking out the Lung Fish Tank, Quentin and Queenie demonstrated love never dies by re-enacting the fish tank scene from Baz Lurhman's Romeo and Juliet.

quolls collage 2

The famil and quolls made it into the local paper ‘The Kilcoy Sentinel’, and they feel they’ve truly hit the celebrity spotlight now! Thanks to all staff and photographers on the day for giving them the royal treatment. It’s nice to see that Quentin is all about sun safety in this photo, demonstrating some celebrity shades for the group photo.

As said previously, Quentin, Queenie, Quade and Quanita have also visited Beaudesert and Stanthorpe, however the quolls and hosts have been so busy that they haven’t had a chance to send on the photos as of yet. More details to come on their next adventures.

quolls collage 3