QICA Conference

Commencing in 2005, QICA holds an annual conference for its members, in a different region each year. Members are invited to submit an application to host the conference in their region and the executive committee works with the host region to coordinate the event. 

The combined activities of the conference present the host town or city with an opportunity to showcase its attractions, facilities and overall tourism product to approximately 70 delegates, who are working at the “face‟ of Tourism. These delegates include key stakeholders from all over Queensland who service our visitors each year.

For its members, the conference plays a vital role in networking and connecting our delegates with the wider tourism community and stakeholders, whilst learning about the host town region and the tourism facilities that are available.

All members, particularly smaller communities or regions are encouraged to collaborate with industry stakeholders, operators, their partners and sponsors to submit as a region; to incorporate its various attractions and facilities and providing an efficient itinerary to showcase their region before, during and after the conference. 

Traditionally the conference attracts approximately 60-80 attendees and is held over a 2 - 3 day period in early October.

Conference Host submissions are required by 30 June to host the conference in the following year. 

DOWNLOAD the host criteria.

SUMBIT your application to the QICA Executive.

For any enquiries, contact a QICA Executive.